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Rental Karts

I do not have my own kart, but I do want to race

No problem! Our rental karts guarantee maximum karting pleasure. We do have rental karts in different sizes for all age groups. For children we have karts with adjustable seat and pedals. This drives much more comfortable and safer, also here, as always: safety first!

We also have international VT250 rental racing karts, with speeds up to 120 km/h, and a 2-seater rental kart on which disabled people and small children can really feel the sensation of Karting.

All karts get daily maintenance and are in excellent condition. At Kartcentrum Lelystad the best driver wins, as the karts are mutually equal.

All laps are electronically timed with our high-end timekeeping system. In our club restaurant you can follow all track action on our television screens, and at the end of a heat or race everybody gets a timing sheet including lap times and results.

Racing & Blazing

1 heat rental kart including:

  • Instructions
  • Race-suit (free loan)
  • Helmet (free loan)
  • Kart (rental)
  • Results (including lap times)


Dolphin children kart, speed 30 km/h duration 10 minutes € 12,50
Kinder kart, speed 50 km/h   € 12,50
RT8 rental kart, speed 85 km/h duration 10 minutes    € 15,95
CRG rental 2-seater (disabled, children) duration 10 minutes

€ 15,95

VT250, speed 120 km/h duration 10 minutes € 35,00


Childrens Party

A party they'll never forget!
Including: instructions, race-suit, helmet, balaclava, kart, results, 2 x 8 minutes on track, lemonade, medal, picture with signature from our F3 driver Indy Dontje  € 14,50 per person

Additional: Kids menu (French fries and kale or fricandel)  € 3,95 per person

Attention: Only on Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon, minimum 6 children, advance reservation


Group Events

Bring your friends and colleagues!
E.g. Grand Prix (minimum 8 to maximum 20 participants) € 42,50 per person including: instructions, race-suit, helmet, kart, results, 10 minutes practice, 2 x 10 minutes races, track exclusivity.

Additional: 1 extra heat  € 12,50 per person.

For more info about corporate arrangements, please contact us.

Club Restaurant

In our cosy club restaurant parents who accompany their children, supporters and partners from race talents and private or corporate groups can find a warm and great culinary welcome. A wide choice of dishes and drinks you will find on the menu of our club restaurant. E.g.
Delicious satay dish € 10,00 per person
Kids menu (French fries and kale or fricandel) € 3,95 per person